Clarion School offers a dynamic instruction demonstrate for the American educational modules, and guarantee that youngsters meet clear scholarly objectives while keeping alive their interest and mission for information. It has structured a restricted, coordinated, interdisciplinary educational programs that meets high scholarly objectives and reacts to your youngster’s ponder, investigation and developing acumen.

They pursue Common Core scholarly benchmarking principles and will be certify by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.


Classroom Environment

Apple Enabled Learning Environment

Ipads And Macbooks in the Classroom

Community Playthings™ Classroom Furniture

Academic Environment

Math Labs

Science Labs

Science Prep Rooms

Environmental Science Lab


Physical Activity Environment

Natural Playground Designed Playground Equipment

Shaded Play Areas

Indoor Activity Hall

Multi Purpose Sports Hall

Playing Fields

Basketball Court

Tennis Court

Climbing Wall

Swimming Pool

Creative Environment

Language Labs

Design & Technology Labs

Food Tech Labs

Woodworking Shop

Performing Arts Studios

Dance Studios

Visual Arts Studios

Music Studios

Individual Music Practice Rooms

Outdoor Amphitheater

Black Box Theater

Indoor Performance Space


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