Dubai Civil Aviation Authority was built up in 1971 as a self-ruling body by the announcement issued by His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to attempt improvement of air transport industry in the Emirate of Dubai and to administer all aeronautics related exercises.

They handle all flight matters and to execute the laws and controls in Dubai on the said issues and direct the usage of the tradition on the administration of Dubai International Airport between Government of Dubai and I.A.L.

The DCAA has assumed a critical job in the improvement of common aeronautics in the Dubai which included wellbeing, security, flight condition, buyer assurance, task of air administrations to the aerodromes in the emirate, flying related business exercises, global relations and so on.

DCAA has has approached to have numerous gatherings as well as discussions with the International Civil Aviation Organization to create universal common flight all inclusive. Among such occasions, ICAO Global Symposium on Air Transport Liberalization 2006 and the first since forever ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conference held in Dubai in 2008 have enormously added to the advancement of universal air transport all inclusive.
E-services they provide are as follows:
· Landing Permissions
· Block Landing Service
· Aviation Business NOC Eservice
· NOC to register and deregister an aircraft
· Issuing No Objection Certificate For Carriage Of firearms, dangerous goods, dangerous good storage, Sky Trackers / Space Cannon, Aerial Work (Rpas)
· Clarification Of Suspicious Shipment
· Helicopter/Fixed Wing Aircraft, Balloon Operations , Pyrotechnic Display , Aviation Safety, Helipad Service, Landing Field Service,
· Issuing No Objection Certificate For Gsm & Other Communication Tower , Crane Operation, Aircraft Warning Light, Building Heights (Below and above 300 Meter), inspecting and identifying aircraft spare parts, for Conduct other activities or events.
· Rpas Application
· Application for a certificate of approval of building heights within a real estate development zone located within the Aviation Easement areas
· Transmission Towers of high‐voltage power lines
· Application for issuing replacement of a lost or damaged valid permit or no‐objection certificate
· Application for a no‐objection certificate addressed to Concerned Entities in the Emirate of Dubai

Dubai International Airport Terminal (1), Arrivals Side, Level (1), Gate # (4) P.O. Box: 49888 Dubai- U.A.E
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