A dynamic 21st century museum, Etihad Museum is focused on inspiring its visitors with the story of the founding of the UAE. The 25,000 m2 landmark is befittingly located at the very place where the UAE was founded in 1971. Through a unique visitor journey, the various pavilions house experience-driven exhibitions, interactive programmes and education initiatives that explore the chronology of events that culminated in the unification of the Emirates in 1971. The programmes also aim to educate visitors about the nation’s constitution, in particular – the rights, privileges and responsibilities that it bestows upon the people of the UAE.

This place holds old passports to personal artefacts such as rings, eyeglasses and many other rare items on display for the public to add dimensions to the story of the rulers of UAE.

The structure is designed in the shape of a manuscript, with seven columns built into the museum and has eight permanent pavilions:

First shows a documentary film about the history of the UAE.

Second house a panoramic interactive map highlighting the era before the formation of the federation.

Third is an interactive timeline that demonstrates key historical events before the union.

Fourth is a visual showcase of the meeting between late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Fifth is an interactive guide to the formation of the union.

Sixth is an homage to the important moments and challenges confronted the founding fathers before 1971.

Seventh is dedicated to the UAE Constitution and include the actual declaration itself.

Eighth is the final pavilion will be an open gallery celebrating the newborn nation.

2nd Street of December, Jumeirah 1 Dubai United Arab Emirates
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