Diving’ was a principle highlight of life in olden days. Sultan Al Owais was one of Dubai’s most vital pearl vendors, artists and donors. He started gathering pearls in the mid 1970, establishing a substantial number of Oriental pearls and are the best of his pearl collections.

He given his pearl accumulation to the general population of the UAE under the custodianship of the National Bank of Dubai. To save this legacy, the bank has assigned and made a historical center in its Headquarters building where this gathering is displayed. He had a desire that the pearls ought to be accessible to help individuals to remember the starting points of the Emirates and what life resembled before the disclosure of oil and to help safeguard the beautiful history of the pearl jumpers and traders of Arabia.

This museum is housed on the fifteenth floor of the bank central station in Deira on Baniyas Road, Dh500 million worth of fine Gulf pearls are in plain view. The room is also loaded with antique pearling hardware and suits utilized by gutsy jumpers who might turn the gathering of shellfish beds for a considerable length of time to enable clams to develop their valuable fortunes.

The museum instructs guests about the landing of man-made refined pearls mid-twentieth century prompting a less lucrative pearling industry in the Gulf.

The pearl exhibition hall houses a noteworthy cluster of antiquated coins found in the UAE driving all of far up to present day paper money and printed coins circled in present day.

10 Beniyas Rd - Dubai
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