The ambul​ance administrations was established in Dubai in 1977, running between Dubai police and the department of health and medical services, in charge of giving numerous rescue vehicle administrations to Dubai people group, under the name of the Dubai corporation for ambulance services.

Ambulance services embrace the obligation of giving emergency vehicle administrations to the Dubai emirate people group, and according to the accompanying undertakings:

·         Gets ready far reaching vital plans for rescue vehicle benefits in the emirate of Dubai, refreshing and executing its prerequisites as a team with the concerned gatherings.

·         Oversees and works command and control center for the emergency vehicle benefit in the Emirate of Dubai.

·         Gives productive rescue vehicle benefits inside/outside the emirate.

·         Gives rescue vehicle administrations to official occasions, sports, conservative and social exercises in Dubai.

·         Gives transport administrations to patients to and from restorative offices working inside and outside the emirate.

·         Proposes the enactments that add to enhance the nature of emergency vehicle benefits in Dubai in a joint effort with the concerned gatherings.

·         Concedes no protest declarations to permit private preparing foundations giving first aid, , limitations and measures.

·         Concedes no complaint declarations to permit private rescue vehicles in Dubai, limitations and principles.

·         Sets word related advancements criteria for rescue vehicle administrations people.

DCAS have an armada of 177 emergency vehicles of different kinds, including type: A – B – C, and various 4 x 4 vehicles and golf units, enlarged by 3 mass setback transports, and 68 stations and is viewed as the biggest on the planet.

Services include:

·         Administrations catalog filters

·         Application for a professional license, branch of establishment, establishment giving ambulance and establishment giving training services

·         Mindfulness lectures

·         Change of activity

·         Crisis exercise

·         Clearing drill

·         Occasions coverage

·         Issue replacement or change in details of an authorization/license/curriculum

·         Issuing NOC for licensing an ambulance vehicle

·         Persistent transfer

·         Recharging of authorization to an establishment/training and professional license

·         Instructional classes

Warsan Area - Main Building Post Office PO Box 99117, Dubai, UAE
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