The Metro is viewed as the advanced and agreeable method for substitution in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority has been working two diverse metro lines in Dubai, the green line and the red line. These lines take altogether different courses and stop at different goals, offering individuals a superior option. The Green line keeps running from Rashidiya to the Etisalat, and the Red Line from the Air Terminals to Jebel Ali.

There are unique cabins exclusive for ladies and youngsters, aside from a gold class and silver class. The travelers are required to pay and buy a ticket, the NoI card which comes in four classifications – red, blue, silver and gold.  

The Metro eases the blockage on Dubai’s street arranges hugely and meets transportation requests of its developing populace.


Smart Applications for Public Transport clients

Public Transport application empowers clients to apply for a scope of Nol administrations. The application has a sum of 26 value-based, intuitive and instructive administrations that fall into the accompanying classifications: Nol, Bus, Metro, Tram and Marine.

RTA Dubai application is RTA’s lead keen application for facilities intended to give clients consistent access over RTA’s most utilized administrations.

S’hail is the ideal application to use to get around Dubai intended for occupants and guests alike, S’hail makes travel brisk, straightforward and hassle free.

Wojhati is the adventure organizer application that is a productive, constant guide that utilizes GPS-based area devices and enables clients to see courses, stops, significant milestones and flights, and help plan ventures utilizing metro, transports and marine transport courses.

Roads & Transport Authority P. O. Box: 118899 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
+971 4 284 4444
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