A specialized Thalassemia clinic and a transfusion short stay room was established in Al  Latifa Women and Children Hospital in 1987. In January 1995, the new Genetic & Thalassemia Center was inaugurated. Thalassemia is an inherited disorder of haemoglobin synthesis, ranging from asymptomatic forms to severe or even fatal entities.

For every characteristic, there is one gene which is inherited from the father and the other gene which is inherited from the mother. If one of the genes responsible for the production of beta globin is defective it produces beta-thalassemia trait called beta-thalassemia minor. As this is asymptomatic it remains unrecognized in a family for a number of generations. Individuals with the Beta Thalassemia trait are normal healthy people, leading a normal active life.

When a beta thalassemia trait marries another beta thalassemia trait, a child can be born with two defective genes for the production of beta globin chains. Beta thalassemia intermedia is a condition intermediate between the major and minor forms where the affected individuals can often manage a normal life but may need occasional transfusions, depending on the severity of their anaemia in combination with other Hemoglobinopathie.

Patients with thalassemia traits do not require medical or follow-up care after the initial diagnosis. Counseling is indicated in all persons with genetic disorders, especially when the family is at risk of a severe form of disease that may be prevented. Patients with severe thalassemia require medical treatment, and a blood transfusion regimen was the first measure effective in prolonging life. Blood transfusion should be initiated at an early age.

Daycare for Thalassemia and other major Haemoglobinopathies provides Chronic blood transfusion program, Red Cell Exchange transfusions, Hemoglobinopathy premarital and prenatal counseling, Thalassemia and Haemoglobinopathies outpatient clinic, Haemoglobinopathies Post Bone Marrow Transplant Outpatient clinic, Endocrinology and Haemoglobinopathies clinic, Intravenous Chelation Therapy clinic, Gynecology and infertility in Hemoglobinopathies clinic, Psychology clinic for people with Thalassemia and Haemoglobinopathies, Transcranial Doppler service for pediatric patients with sickle cell anemia.

They have day Care Unit with 28 beds for patients who require blood transfusion, outpatient clinics for effective screening, counseling and continuous medical care for patients.

Latifa Women and Children Hospital PO Box 9115 Dubai, UAE
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