The Department speaks to the Government all issues identifying with Federal enactments and outside arrangements, and holds an unmistakable job in modifying Federal enactments because of being an individual from different Federal boards.

The Department is accused of the duty to deal with all issues relating to debate against the Government or Government elements, by accepting protests and cases against Government elements with the intend to achieve a friendly settlement. Also, the Department speaks to the Government and Government elements in all question and claims before the capable legal specialists, compromise and discretion focuses.

The Department was appointed the forces to control the promotion and lawful consultancy calling in Dubai. The essential capacity of this direction incorporates authorizing backing and legitimate consultancy firms working in the Emirate.

The Department is in charge of exploring contracts and understandings which the Government and Government substances are gathering to. The Department looks forward, with extraordinary pride and positive thinking, to proceeding with its significant work in helping all the Government substances.

Specifically, the Department has the accompanying obligations and forces:

1-Legal Representation of Government Entities

The Department gets and considers all grievances and cases stopped against Government Entities.

2-Regulation of the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession

The Department has the specialist to control the support and legitimate consultancy callings in Dubai.

3-Support and Provision of Legal Services

To address the issues of the Government and Government substances in the Emirate as to lawful administrations, the Department is in charge of giving legitimate help, which are:

a. Checking on all agreements and understandings to which the Government or Government substances are a gathering, and partaking in the arrangement of the terms and conditions stipulated in such contracts and assentions.

b. Aiding the drafting of arrangements identified with enactment and leading relative examinations.

c. Evaluating every sacred archive of organizations and organizations set up by the Government, or by Government substances.

The main Branch H.H. Ruler's Court– Fourth Floor - Al Fahidi Road – Dubai - United Arab Emirates Al Hudaiba awards building – C Building - mezzanine floor - Jumeirah road – Dubai - United Arab Emirates P.O Box : 446
+971 4 3533337
+971 4 3537544
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